Rather than producing digital solutions that merely trigger the brain,
 we believe in communications that also ignite the emotions.

Living Ideas

Oaken is about living, breathing ideas - and ideas are like seeds. Ideas need to be rooted in sound strategies. They need to be planted in the right environment. And when ideas mature, they help businesses flourish.

We're strategic, planned and organised. We follow a map, whilst being led by our hearts.

The Night-shift

By day, we’re actively engaged in design and production roles in respected communications agencies. By night and on weekends we’re Oaken. We believe our livelihoods should form a natural fit with our lives, our families and wellbeing. This harmony will ultimately be seen in the quality of the work we produce.

We also believe the world we create today lays the foundations for our lives tomorrow. Consumers are increasingly choosing products from eco-conscious companies with sound production practices. We admire companies that produce their products and services through responsible, sustainable processes.

We welcome the prospect of working with forward-thinking companies who share similar aspirations and values.

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